Communication Overhaul

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and have talked with others on session about this recently. Overhauling RHPC’s communication. Now, before you get nervous, you really probably won’t notice much change right away. My desire is to see the website be the bread and butter for our communications. The foundation of all the communications for our church life. If you can’t remember a particular announcement, then you can come to the website and find the info. If you want to know when such and such an activity or event is happening, then you can look on the website and find out. Continue reading Communication Overhaul

God of Wonder!

As Christians, we celebrate at this time every year, God coming down to fix the problems of this world. Problems that we of the world cannot fix ourselves. If you are a parent, you should be able to relate to this. We call to our children when they are arguing or fighting with each other. We call to them and offer words of wisdom like, “Share the toy”, or “Take turns”. Yet, these comments seem too abstract for them to comprehend. Finally as a parent, we descend downstairs to where they are, becoming incarnate to them. By making our presence known, we dig into the problems at hand to fix them personally.

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