Kathy Saracoff to visit this Sunday

Kathy & Greg Saracoff
Kathy & Greg Saracoff

Kathy Saracoff will be with us this Sunday to give us the latest news in the mission work she and her husband Greg do together.  Randolph Heights has had a long relationship with the Saracoffs and their efforts in Tijuana, with multiple trips to work at La Roca and other places. If you know the Saracoffs, or if you’re curious about what’s going on in Mexico and Latin America, join us at 10:30 am on Sunday, July 5th.

Commissioned Ruling Elder Celebration

At the March meeting of our presbytery, it became official: Ken is now commissioned to serve in a pastoral role for Randolph Heights. This coming Sunday, April 19th, we will celebrate the transition from the old to the new. We encourage old friends and anyone wondering about us to join us for our celebration and/or the fellowship to follow as your schedule permits.

CRE Process

david and I met with the CRE committee on the 10th of February and I received notice that I have been approved. This means I move from the educational phase, towards the next phase of the process which involves my actual commission. Pray for session as we look at the new role I will be taking-on while serving our congregation.

This process will happen quite fast in comparison to how it has felt up to this point. The committee will be slating me in for the March Presbytery meeting to make the next step official. Then soon after the meeting, at a day and time designated by session, we will have a commissioning service, celebrating Randolph Heights next steps in ministry.