CRE Process

david and I met with the CRE committee on the 10th of February and I received notice that I have been approved. This means I move from the educational phase, towards the next phase of the process which involves my actual commission. Pray for session as we look at the new role I will be taking-on while serving our congregation.

This process will happen quite fast in comparison to how it has felt up to this point. The committee will be slating me in for the March Presbytery meeting to make the next step official. Then soon after the meeting, at a day and time designated by session, we will have a commissioning service, celebrating Randolph Heights next steps in ministry.

Christmas Eve 2014

This Wednesday, December 24th, is Christmas Eve, and we will follow what has been our tradition for the day. At 4:30, we begin with half an hour of seasonal music performed by a variety of people from our extended church family. Following that, at about 5:00, is our Christmas Eve service.

Our service alternates the reading of the Christmas story with carols related to each Scripture passage, ending with Silent Night sung a capella by candlelight. It’s a beautiful and moving start to Christmastide.

We hope to see you there!

My Final Paper, an Advent Sermon

I figured I’d post my final paper for preaching class.  It is an advent themed sermon based on the reading of 2 Samuel 7:1-16,18. I’m posting it to give you an advent reading which is slightly different from what we’ll be doing in church this year. I hope you enjoy it and find it encouraging.

You can read the sermon by expanding this post. It’s about the equivalent of 2 1/2 pages. Continue reading My Final Paper, an Advent Sermon

Generosity and Jumping off the High Dive

When I was a kid growing up in small town Nebraska, there were two places you could find me on most days. Either on my bike or in the water. I loved to swim. So much so that my hair would be bleached white by the time school began at the end of each summer. My mother always had a fear of the water, so she made sure all of us kids took swimming lessons. I was a fish! Not only at the city swimming pool, but at the rivers and lakes around the country-side by my little home town. Continue reading Generosity and Jumping off the High Dive